Chapter 2 - Life

Life isn’t all Ha Ha He He!!
Before you proceed assuming, I'm writing a review on the book by Meera Syal or on the movie with the same name.
Statutory Warning: What you are going to read is a grey confession of a writer stuck between the black and white shades of life.
Seen on of the msn's names in my fren list - Life is a f****ing joke and I don't get dear it stands true for me as well even I could never get what life is all about.
Am still to being struck by enlightenment; perhaps I need to go to the Himalayas and stand on one leg, trying to figure out the jargon "Life"(guess that’s the way these yogis and sadhus- the truth seekers get to know everything..sorry my knowledge about truth seekers is limited to bollywood movies..n books..only)

I have always pictured life as roller coaster ride..going up and down the rails enjoying...getting petrified..the sudden rush of adrenaline..but overall an treasure..
I have always believed that like roller coaster when you are cruising upwards the anticipation of reaching at top is most exciting and then the view from top is awesome. Just like life, while you are on top you are having the fun enjoying everything..wearing rose colored sunglasses.
But then comes the free fall...the tumble...when u start sliding towards the bottom..of course like life with a hint of optimism(just like life who always gives u a shade of light in the drak)..that you would rise...
Hence I always keep on repeating..enjoy the view at the top..coz when you hit the bottom you are not sure when you going to rise again..
Well this indeed is my logic of life..but what am confused about rite where am I?? cruising upwards, at the top..or sliding towards the depths...n honestly its really difficult..
That’s how life has been for me always...a unique "Conundrum"...

Thinking About The Days When I Was Young
and Life Was Looking Pretty…
It's Hard To Commit When All You Think Is
Life's A Joke
Breathing It In When All You Want Is Gone
and Life Is Looking Shitty...
It's Hard To Admit When All You Think Is
Life's A Joke
.................The Speaks Band
Wish I could see the light at the end of tunnel..(hoping I would..)
A diehard optimist for you..
P.S. Thanks to all who commented on my last blog..Please keep it coming..


  1. Shalini said...
    Life is a roller coaster... well put and stands true for all but somehow i can the feel the undercurrents of morbidity. enjoy the velocity rather than the direction my friend and you will have a different experience then :)
    DayDreamer said...
    Thankx for d suggestion..wud definitely keep that in mind..
    A. K. said...
    Life definitely is like roller coaster. Dude love your work... Keep them coming..

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