The Crime

Actually intended to write a post about the Halloween or something more funny.. but somehow it’s just no more on my mind. Was going through news today and got stuck on a particular piece of news.

Guess this problem has been seen as a 'woman's problem' for far too long and we urgently need more people to publicly condemn this sexual violence and heinous crime.

Neon lights and heavy music, sweat and perfumes and deos, almost killing one of the five senses, in trance and hypnotised bodies.. grooving to the unidentifiable beats.. who cared for music.. when an unattained state of nirvana was all the fever of the night..

Contagious, yes it was.. for every one who stepped into THE CLUB..

She was taken in by that fever too as she entered the disc that night, dressed in a black and grey spaghetti and low waist jeans. She gelled in with the crowd, both attire and attitude wise.

After a few swigs of tequila shots, a state of loose control had taken over her mind. Her friends, who she had come with were lost in the crowd and so was she. But there was someone who had just found her and noticed her.

Too much of tequila and dancing had induced a sort of a sick feeling in her. A breath of fresh air would have perhaps relaxed her. She made her way to the door brushing past the "in-trance" crowd. In the darkness and with a beating brain, she could hardly see the door, but she did manage to reach it..

And the door closed behind her as she walked out..

The next morning as she opened her eyes and perhaps her mind she was in an hospital with bruises all over her body and yes.. her brain.. and now her life!!

They said she had wronged by wearing revealing and seditious clothes and then toppping it all by drinking tequila.

A woman, they say should always.. always.. always.. never do what she did..!!

She had sinned and she had paid..!!

But was it her who had SINNED or WE?


  1. MissJody said...
    Umm...I think an act of voilence will happen regardless of what type of clothes you wear. Yes, drinking too much is the problem here. You can not be aware of your surroundings and react fast enough...clothes...Na...I don't believe it. Not only that...but the whole 'scene'...just spells disaster...
    Story: I went out with some girlfriends(we were all married and supporting a mutal friend who just got dumped...our spouses knew where we were at...)
    But I went dressed: baggy jeans, flip flops,glasses,hair in ponytail..yip...I looked like I was really looking!! I freak would not stop bothering me and seeked me out in the crowd-I was in a corner with a group of girls...long story short..he dumped a beer on me because I would not accept his advances and scared the crap out of me!! He was getting drunker and being married(happily) did not phase him. The word No did not phase him. But my friends stuck with me...I cleaned up and snuck out...
    I'm not sure if my story helped but that's why I don't go out! Even when I was single...I was soooo careful. I would not get drunk around strangers are creeps. I was aware of my surroundings at all times, and knew where all the exits were!
    I'm nerd when it comes to my safety-but (knock on wood) it's saved my arse alot!!!
    MissJody said...
    Oh yeah...I was also wearing a HUGE baggy, huh?
    DayDreamer said...
    @ Jody: Well I guess u reacted smartly..but its high time we start reacting to such heinous crime and strictly punish the offenders..

    Thanx for sharing your story and your valuable comments..
    angel6033 said...
    How sad that something like this would get blamed on the woman. Unfortunately I do feel that we live in a world and in a society that requires women to look after themselves. I know that it may not be fair or just, but if a woman does not take care of herself who will take care of her? No one.
    Smileyfreak said...
    Powerful story.
    Your right,people should be held accountable for their actions. The way people dress is part of their freedom to express themselves and it shouldn't be that that kind of reaction is even taking place.
    Amity Me said...
    a picture of how one society could be so different from another especially on matters of culture and tradition.

    in the Philippines, Filipinos are almost westernized, donning clothes of westerners, eating food they eat, acting like one and everything seemed to have been imitated by a Filipino.

    in your country, it could really be a sin? i dunno, but that's being prejudiced Dev...:)

    and why should people judge her by trying to inflict wounds and pain on her physically and in the long run, would have destroyed her personal being, mind and heart included?

    hope many will read your story!

    nice day Dev!
    DayDreamer said...
    @angel6033: I do agree to your point that a women does need to take care of her but it's high time we should rise against this evil and punish those evil doers.

    @SmileyFreak: Totally agree to what your comments.

    @Amity Me: Though being part of the same world there is lot of bifurcation the society and yes in certain countries like ours its still regarded as girl's fault. We need to broaden our thought process.
    Thanks a lot for your comments.
    Sylvia said...
    Wow. powerful story! I don't even know what to say...better yet, I'm too exausted!!!
    Thanks for being such an avid visitor of my blog!
    DayDreamer said...
    Hey Sylvia..

    Thanks for your valuable comments..

    Shruti said...
    Hi dev,
    My first time here!
    I am spellbound after reading this story.. Such heinous crimes are happening very frequently.
    "A woman should always be a woman"
    Is this what you are trying to say?! If so, I will contradict you yaar! I neva argue that she can goto pub and get drugged. But even if she goes, why the hell she was attacked that too so brutally? Wearing such clothes and drinking tequila is worse, but what resulted was worst!

    Good writing :)
    DayDreamer said...
    Hi Shruti,


    Well what I wanted to say is that despite of having stepped into the 21st century..we still ridicule the female and blame it on her..whereas the real sinner goes about free..

    Freedom of dressing is everyone's birthright.. be it a girl or boy..

    Our society needs to awaken to this heinous crime..and punish the real sinner..
    Shruti said...
    Dev, really loved your explanation!
    It is really good to see such a post!
    DayDreamer said...
    @ Shruti: Thanks for your encouraging comments..

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