Discovering Me


Sometimes people come into your life
And you know right away that they were meant to be there.

To serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson,

Or to help you figure out who you are or what you are..

Sitting in the cubicle of his office he had nothing be
tter to do then to just surf websites and remain engrossed in them, he was always a loner, a “Dreamer” you might say..

Off late he had been smoking a lot (He knew he wou
ld have to cut down on the number..if not stop it completely) But did he actually care about it- “No”..

So it was just another day in office. Most of his days where pretty much the same. Work!! Work!! And More Work!! That was the only way he could take his mind off the pain and sorrow he had been going through.
One boring day he stumbled across a cute picture of a lady smiling courtesy his habit of surfing websites(She was cute that's what he thought) Dressed in pink she
looked like a cute teddy- the one that girls go completely ga-ga over.
He sent a “ Friend Request" to her..hoping that she would "Reject" it..

After all he was a strangely introverted lad with dreamy
eyes, no one had ever associated him with any act of bravado especially when it came to love.

But Surprise! Surprise!..she accepted and that's how they kicked off..

She was full of questions. It was as if she was holding something back for years. What’s this? What’s that? It was irritating but he loved it. He was getting the much needed attention that had very much phased out from his life. He was lonely and he needed it and perhaps so was she.

The couple were separated by different time zones..dist
ances which neither of them could cross.. when one fine day..she took a step to erase out the distance and call him. It was the loveliest voice he had heard in years. Just like the chirping of those lovely birds. Her giggles were so musical and timely as if she had been practicing it for years till she mastered them.

Those words and giggles gave him the strength to hold onto his scattered life. But the distance was just too much and her assurances were not working any more. Well guess it was the end after all, isn’t this the way most long distance relationship’s end?

Sometimes love is stronger than a man's convictions.

Said the Lords of Heaven. They met, yes after a year of holding onto each other and six months of expressing their undying love for each other they met.

She was beautiful just as he had thought she would be. They were meeting for the first time but it never seemed like the first.

It seemed they had known each other from years before.
Maybe they had been together in their past life(But he rubbished the idea as he did not believe in the concept of rebirth and neither did she)

"Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.”

Her long lost faith in love was restored and so was her faith in MEN, LOVE & LIFE.

The romance continued and kept on growing as years passed by. The tiny spark that ignited when they first saw each other was now a powerful flame. Even after four years, the love for each other remained but now was the time when he had to make a choice.

He had to answer the toughest question of his life. When would he marry her or rather Should he marry her? After all four years were good enough time to know a person right?

This question was slowly eating him up and he was wondering what the answer to this question would be.
Posing in front of the World's Best known monument of Love..he knew he had figured out the answer..the answer that would make them Happy.

"She was his sunshine and he could not let anyone take his sunshine away from him"

The doubts and hesitations had cleared. The skies had opened up and it started to rain.

The rain stormed down and swept away the inhibitions that he had in his mind…

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
And this house just ain't no home
Anytime she goes away…


  1. angel6033 said...
    Hyy, I loved this blog entery and it's funny that it comes at a point in my life were I can relate, unfortunately not all love can end in a beautiful manner...But what a lovely idea to dream about it all day......
    DayDreamer said...
    @angel6033: Thanks for your comments and glad you liked the post..
    Of course no harm in dreaming..
    Smileyfreak said...
    Liking your post :) it's a beautiful story
    Valerie Wangnet said...
    Great story. I enjoy your style- very unique, makes this a pleasure to read.

    I would love to follow your blog, not sure how I haven't come across it before!

    Valerie Wangnet said...
    .. and for some reason the "following" option is not loading. :( Will be back

    Amity Me said...

    such a beautiful love story, I almost fell in love and I would want to put my shoes in the woman's...:)

    fiction or not, but it really happens...:)

    i love it Dev, honestly...but don't say I can relate to it, nah!

    have a nice day Dev!
    Shruti said...
    Is this a real story?! Man, this is really awesome :)
    Loved it!
    Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.
    Beautiful names yaar :)
    gLoBe TrOtTeR said...
    The story weaver is at it agn....u write really gud n believable stories....sounds lk sumthin rite out of a fairytale...only dt perhaps its jst too hard to believe 4 ppl in real i cn c frm da comments of odaz....
    DayDreamer said...
    Hey All,

    Just to clear some questions..yes this indeed is a true story..

    @ SmileyFReak: Thankx:-)

    @ Val: Thanks for your encouraging words..looking forward to see more of you..

    @AmiteMye: Glad that you liked the story!!

    @Shruti: I answered the question for you.. And am happy you liked it..
    DayDreamer said...
    @Globe Trotter: Well haven't we heard of all Romantic Stories ending in tragedy ..guess that is what stops us from believing in "Good Ending's"

    Hopefully mine does..Pray for me..
    Girl Next Door said...
    That's soooo sweet ...Yeah Love is like that.... It's magic...May God bless you both...
    DayDreamer said...
    @Girl Next Door: Thanks a ton for dropping by..and bigger thanks for your sweet wishes..Need them a lot..

    Jen said...
    I'm so happy for you! Mine haven't ended so well, but I'm not giving up hope.
    dudette said...
    I'm so happy for you Dev. God bless.
    dudette said...
    Though I have some questions around it, could you please call.
    DayDreamer said...
    @Jen: One should never loose sure things would turn out to be fine...
    RASHMI RAO said...
    Its beautiful..! Very honestly written..!
    DayDreamer said...
    @Rashmi: Thanks a lot!! and am glad you liked it..

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