Being relatively new to the blogging world..I did not expect any award, when I started..but for me nearly all the best things that I have in my life have been unexpected and unplanned..

So it was little unexpected but extremely heartening when I got my first award for my blog from fellow blogger SmileyFreak - An extremely talented blogger with a
great sense of humor and a magician of words.Thanks a ton mate for this award - This being the first award for my blog, would always hold a special place for me..

Also a big thanks to all the fellow bloggers who take out their time to read through my random posts and leave their valuable comments and suggestions..

So as they say with great awards comes great responsibilities(Poor Joke - Sorry but could not find a better line..Hope you like the tweak..) here are some rules

1. Thank whoever gave this to you

2. Copy award

3. Post it in your blog

4. Tell us 7 things that your readers don’t know

5. Link 7 new bloggers

6. Notify winners of the award with a comment on their blog

7. Most of all - Keep being awesome!

Did You Know.....

1. I love cooking. If I had an option to sit back at home and cook food, while my wife/gf goes for work, I wont mind.

2. I just have two colors in my wardrobe - Black and white.

3. During school days, I got myself enrolled in a "Painting Class" to meet a girl on whom I had a crush. Though I really sucked at painting. (As I write this I am wondering where is she now?)

4. I am scared of syringes.

5. I live and breathe competition. This goes for sports, work and even conversations; I can't help it and it sometimes aggravates people but I definitely don't like to lose.

6. I don’t have a creative bone in my body. I can’t draw, paint, play an instrument, sing, or dance. Nope, nada, not a one. That’s probably why I am so passionate about music and the arts. The ability for a human to create, draw or paint a life-like image just stirs me to my soul. (Yeah, and I am jealous too.)

7. I love getting drenched in rains.(Many a times have just walked out on the streets or on the terrace to get drenched in rain)

8. I think there are two types of people in this world, those who can count to seven and those who can't.( Gotcha!!..A mischievous smile)

Oh I so wish..I could give this award to every blogger that I follow, but bound by the terms and conditions..
So without any further ado I award this award to:

Chocolate Lover: Love the poems..they are so AWESOME
Amity ME: Great creative posts
Angel6033: Honest and unique
SiD "Ravan" Kabe: For giving me daily dose of laughter
Girl Next Door: For those thoughtful and meaningful posts
Sulagna: Reading her posts is just pure fun( Reminds me of the Indian in me)
ChinkyGirLMeL: Because..because..I Just like them..

Congratulations to all!!

The Silver Lining

When the clouds show no promise of a silver lining, there is grief and there are many ways of dealing with this sadness.

Some blame Him, He who is the eternal punching bag. The weight of their gunny bag hasn’t really reduced physically, but in their minds maybe they feel a little lighter. ‘He brought in these clouds, He better bring in the sunlight soon. Otherwise, there is no God.’

Some wallow in self-pity and do practically nothing but just whine at their misfortune- ‘Life is not fair. Why can’t these clouds hover above the neighbor’s house? Why me? I am helpless.’

Some are practical; they just look at the sky and say- ‘It’s cloudy today. It’ll rain and things will be messy. It’s beyond anyone’s capacity to stop the rain; no point wasting my time worrying about it. I’m going ahead and doing what I was doing.’

Very few are determined action seekers, doing what they can, leaving no stone in the world unturned knowing very well that it’s an impossible daunting task. Even at the most miserable and trying times, they have the capacity to smile and count their blessings while keeping the faith. They have a glimmering hope in spite of depleted resources and harrowing prognosis.

It’s a high time that silver lining made its presence felt.

Too many people miss the silver lining because they're expecting gold.

Innocence Killed

"What colour is the sky?", the teacher asked the little boy. The image of the sky he'd seen just before class flashed past the boy’s mind.

An image so clear and powerful that it made him forget all about what he'd been taught at school over the preceding few months, and he blurted out his answer, "White". The kids laughed.
It became the joke of the day, one that would unite them all in good-humored conversation but be easily forgotten by the next day. But the boy remembered. Till much later.

Because he never understood why everyone said the sky was blue when it wasn't. It confused him. It was white, most of the time. There were times when it was yellow, or orange. It was black every night. He had seen blue in it too, but only occasionally.
And then those rare times when he saw shades of pink.
The poor thing could never quite make up his mind about the colour of the sky. Among many other things.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Click on the image for a Blow-up

Found it while browsing through one of the sites and thought of sharing this..Found it really hilarious..

Keep smiling..

Discovering Me


Sometimes people come into your life
And you know right away that they were meant to be there.

To serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson,

Or to help you figure out who you are or what you are..

Sitting in the cubicle of his office he had nothing be
tter to do then to just surf websites and remain engrossed in them, he was always a loner, a “Dreamer” you might say..

Off late he had been smoking a lot (He knew he wou
ld have to cut down on the number..if not stop it completely) But did he actually care about it- “No”..

So it was just another day in office. Most of his days where pretty much the same. Work!! Work!! And More Work!! That was the only way he could take his mind off the pain and sorrow he had been going through.
One boring day he stumbled across a cute picture of a lady smiling courtesy his habit of surfing websites(She was cute that's what he thought) Dressed in pink she
looked like a cute teddy- the one that girls go completely ga-ga over.
He sent a “ Friend Request" to her..hoping that she would "Reject" it..

After all he was a strangely introverted lad with dreamy
eyes, no one had ever associated him with any act of bravado especially when it came to love.

But Surprise! Surprise!..she accepted and that's how they kicked off..

She was full of questions. It was as if she was holding something back for years. What’s this? What’s that? It was irritating but he loved it. He was getting the much needed attention that had very much phased out from his life. He was lonely and he needed it and perhaps so was she.

The couple were separated by different time zones..dist
ances which neither of them could cross.. when one fine day..she took a step to erase out the distance and call him. It was the loveliest voice he had heard in years. Just like the chirping of those lovely birds. Her giggles were so musical and timely as if she had been practicing it for years till she mastered them.

Those words and giggles gave him the strength to hold onto his scattered life. But the distance was just too much and her assurances were not working any more. Well guess it was the end after all, isn’t this the way most long distance relationship’s end?

Sometimes love is stronger than a man's convictions.

Said the Lords of Heaven. They met, yes after a year of holding onto each other and six months of expressing their undying love for each other they met.

She was beautiful just as he had thought she would be. They were meeting for the first time but it never seemed like the first.

It seemed they had known each other from years before.
Maybe they had been together in their past life(But he rubbished the idea as he did not believe in the concept of rebirth and neither did she)

"Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.”

Her long lost faith in love was restored and so was her faith in MEN, LOVE & LIFE.

The romance continued and kept on growing as years passed by. The tiny spark that ignited when they first saw each other was now a powerful flame. Even after four years, the love for each other remained but now was the time when he had to make a choice.

He had to answer the toughest question of his life. When would he marry her or rather Should he marry her? After all four years were good enough time to know a person right?

This question was slowly eating him up and he was wondering what the answer to this question would be.
Posing in front of the World's Best known monument of Love..he knew he had figured out the answer..the answer that would make them Happy.

"She was his sunshine and he could not let anyone take his sunshine away from him"

The doubts and hesitations had cleared. The skies had opened up and it started to rain.

The rain stormed down and swept away the inhibitions that he had in his mind…

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
And this house just ain't no home
Anytime she goes away…

The Crime

Actually intended to write a post about the Halloween or something more funny.. but somehow it’s just no more on my mind. Was going through news today and got stuck on a particular piece of news.

Guess this problem has been seen as a 'woman's problem' for far too long and we urgently need more people to publicly condemn this sexual violence and heinous crime.

Neon lights and heavy music, sweat and perfumes and deos, almost killing one of the five senses, in trance and hypnotised bodies.. grooving to the unidentifiable beats.. who cared for music.. when an unattained state of nirvana was all the fever of the night..

Contagious, yes it was.. for every one who stepped into THE CLUB..

She was taken in by that fever too as she entered the disc that night, dressed in a black and grey spaghetti and low waist jeans. She gelled in with the crowd, both attire and attitude wise.

After a few swigs of tequila shots, a state of loose control had taken over her mind. Her friends, who she had come with were lost in the crowd and so was she. But there was someone who had just found her and noticed her.

Too much of tequila and dancing had induced a sort of a sick feeling in her. A breath of fresh air would have perhaps relaxed her. She made her way to the door brushing past the "in-trance" crowd. In the darkness and with a beating brain, she could hardly see the door, but she did manage to reach it..

And the door closed behind her as she walked out..

The next morning as she opened her eyes and perhaps her mind she was in an hospital with bruises all over her body and yes.. her brain.. and now her life!!

They said she had wronged by wearing revealing and seditious clothes and then toppping it all by drinking tequila.

A woman, they say should always.. always.. always.. never do what she did..!!

She had sinned and she had paid..!!

But was it her who had SINNED or WE?

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