Save the Girl

While going through my blog list came across post by noted writer Shobhaa De about the death of female the hands of their own mother and grand mother..

1. Husband did not want them to come back home with a girl child
2. Grandmother stated that she was sure the babies would suffer from deformities after coming out of the incubator, so, in any case their lives were worthless.

Ghastly and heinous crimes in the eyes of many of murdering some one. But actually who is responsible the mother who committed or the husband or grandmother who made her commit this crime.

Perhaps its none of them but us. A helpless society who raises "hue and Cry" about the situataion when its over. Had there been an awareness and help for such sure none of the mothers would have actually done it..

Till that time we need to accept this harsh reality
that its lack of efforts from our end..that has resulted in such a heinous crime..

Here is my small beginning from me to raise an awareness about such crimes..Step in and lets make a collective effort to stop this..

Read the full article at: Can it get worse?

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  1. Life with Kaishon said...
    Oh my word. This is so sad. I hope I have a girl someday : ) Girls are my favorite things!

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