The Frog

Once upon a time in a distant forest lived there lived a small community of frogs… As it happens in those days they spoke beautifully.

In soft tender tone they would sing songs of the pond. The lotus would go to sleep listening to their songs. The flies mesmerized by them would stop mid air alas would be caught dead. The birds would keep quiet in envy. They would move away high up on the trees to sing.. to not to interrupt. Few of the brave souls would try to challenge them but most either slinked away or joined them in their symphony keeping time.

It was an ideal world. A paradise.

Into such a world came one poor frog. He didn’t have a sweet voice. He croaked. And to balance this defect out, god had given him the skill of enterprising and the intelligence to use it. He market
ed himself as unique artist. When he spoke people listened. Simply because he was different.

He was very much in demand.. and the whole of next generation imitated him blindly. Especially the Toad X.
Toad X was such an imitator that he surpassed his idol. He talked like him walked like him. And inculcated it onto others as the ‘cool’ thing!
Many generations passed as it happens and all the frogs forgot that they can sing. They all croaked now and thought, croaking is how they sound. Until one day Junior X was born. Interestingly, he was left alone by everyone as.. he sung.

And when he sung, the flies stopped mid air. All the members of the pond envied him and hated him.. as he was so different. Which he wasn’t.. he was more true to what they really were than anybody else.

But that my friend was his crime.

He was suppressed, tortured until he gave up singing until he died. And when he died, he was celebrated as the one and only singing frog who was brave enough to survive in this cruel pond…

And that perhaps is the story of every being in this world….


  1. Claudine said...
    Great story. And so true! So many people want to be 'in' and 'cool', and just follow what the media and society dictates, because when you're different, you're considered an outcast.
    Amity said...
    But too late now for all the good eulogies they delivered to this poor frog. what's the use, isn't it?

    well, people are like that, the "crab mentality" try to pull others when you feel they are a threat to you. that happens more often than not in the working place. if they feel u r a threat, they wanna kill you....!

    got a short story in my blog, have you read it now?
    jonna said... true..poor frog..>_<
    DayDreamer said...
    @Chloie: Am glad you like the you have nailed it..that is exactly the motto of this entire story..
    DayDreamer said...
    @Amity: Yes I do agree to you completely on this..You have very correctly summed it up all..
    No have not checked the story as if now..will do so shortly..
    DayDreamer said...
    @Ayu: Thank you
    Sh@s said...
    Jus stumbled here but it was worth it.
    Wonderful story with an equally wonderful way of giving us some 'gyan' on life.
    Happy Blogging!!!
    Anonymous said...
    The story is great...but the moral a sad one I think. Sometimes the stupid ideas we think we should judge everyone by is just plain disgusting and ridiculous.
    DayDreamer said...
    @Shas: Welcome..thanks a lot for your comments..
    Wud pay you a visit soon..
    DayDreamer said...
    @Gavin: Hey How r u..Yes i do agree to what you have to say..
    Unknown said...
    Nice story!
    Somewhere it reminded me of 'The frog and the nightingale'
    Nice blog u have here! Keep writing!
    Sorcerer said...
    yeah..great and a true state is explained in the story
    Shriti said...
    nice story :)
    angel6033 said...
    you are such a great writer!!
    jonna said...
    hohoho~! you have an award!!!! :)
    Kimberly said...
    Stopped over to see your blog, and I thought I would be a follower.

    Stop by to see me too
    DayDreamer said...
    @akanksha: Thank you for visiting my glad you liked the post..
    DayDreamer said...
    @Sorcerer: Am glad you liked it..
    DayDreamer said...
    @Angel6033: Thanks a lot

    @Chocolate lover: :-)
    DayDreamer said...
    @Ayu: Thanks a lot dear..

    @Kimberly: Thanks a lot for your visit..I would visit you soon..
    Anonymous said...
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