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Offices or Workplaces are not merely a place to work.(Hope my boss does not read this) For many of us like me they are "observatories of human nature" and this is where many of us like me learn important lesson of life - Wisdom.

Thought of sharing these pearls of wisdom with my fellow bloggers that I have accumulated over my years of observation.

DISCLAIMER: Well I write this post with intention of not hurting anyone and J
ust an FYI thankfully none of these people work with me.

The Mr./Miss/Mrs. Know-it-All
The KIA guy is extremely difficult to get rid off. The
know-it-all runs on a shortage of self-esteem, sometimes connected to limitations in certain anatomy or their personalities. They hope by projecting their vast and superior knowledge, they can compensate for their shortcomings; pun intended. Coworkers in this category can be identified by their habits of putting irrelevant trivial facts into conversations, by trying to dominate meetings and in challenging every other point raised someone else. Can be quite irritating at times.

The Drama Magnet
Both males and females can use drama to make their uninteresting lives interesting. They dramatize all aspects of their life to make them look interesting. For them, work is like the professional league of drama. Drama Magnets pick fights, get insulted easily and have a complaint about everything from the water cooler to the weather. Drama Queens/K
ings have got huge social circles and always want to remain the centre of attraction.

The Boss's Pet

People belonging to this group are both sweet and slippery; they are “loyal” to everyone, but primarily to the boss. Keep aw
ay from them because, they will betray, spy and kill to advance their career. Beware of what you say around them because you know they are just gathering information. Your boss probably knows how fake those belonging to this category are, but most bosses need pets; they aid in their rule and make bosses feel powerful.

Expert tip to Spot One: They sing "Happy birthday" the loudest on the b
oss’s special day.

The Doormat

Everyone steps all over them and makes them feel insignificant. Underpaid and perhaps underapp
reciated, they would hate their job if they had ambitions or self respect. The doormat sort of person thinks that they are important and in-the-know, when in fact this is just a delusion to compensate for dignity. However, there are enticing doormats, they make you wonder how a human can function with no spine.

The Rumor King/Queen

Well this cate
gory is primarily dominated by females. If it wasn’t their hidden talent of gossip, I would have termed members of this group to be "Doormats". They seem enthusiastic about work because they appear to discuss it so much. They are actually talking about co-workers. The smaller your office, the less they have to discuss — therefore larger companies are their primary stomping ground for them. Rumor King/Queens more often than not tend to be tea drinkers, smokers and water cooler clingers. Through my experience have figured out that best way to deal with them is to listen, nod your head, but do not talk.

Hope you enjoy the post and do let me know about the other Hybrids or Species that I might have missed out on.
Would love to know about them.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Haha...I knew a few of those people at my old job. I would always end up stuck in the middle of their crap and I was like I just want to do my job and go home. XD
    DayDreamer said...
    @ Gavin: I guess that is the best approach..that you can have in the work place..Thankx for d comments..
    Áine said...
    I think there is also the Idea/work Robber...still employed but no one really knows why because they never come up with any original ideas but just claim others' as their own instead :) Great post ^^)
    Mrs. M said...
    We ALL know one or two of these people!! And most of us probably don't think we are any of them. I know I'm not!! :)
    Amity said...
    Wow Dev, this is a great post...I am afraid I don't fall in any category here...:)

    Because this is me in office:

    Upon arriving in office, I log in to my computer, wait for the work that they will let me do, work on it silently, sneak once in a while in my blogsite and FB account while working...I seldom talk or chat with my officemates, I seemed to be always engrossed with my work (but honestly I am engrossed sneaking into the net)...

    when breaktime comes, they could hardly invite me to join them, (well still engrossed with my computer)...then when off hours is at hand, I will shut down my computer, hurry back home because I have to continue harvesting in my FV, ha ha ha) Crazy me, Dev!

    Now, where do I fall there in any category? I want an answer from you the soonest...:)

    good morning!
    angel6033 said...
    your post was great you hit most everyone in an office, I think I would have to fall under the doormat, lol not currenctly but at my first job, I was a pushover that did everything and wanted to be appreciated, it ever happened so I quit with both middle finger held up high lol!! :)
    sulagna said...
    you may not identify with this but there is a species called"the cousin mother"

    they are the ones who come to married couples and say "ab toh family badani chahiye tumhe...shaadi ko kaafi din ho gaye"
    Anonymous said...
    Oh my goodness I hate all those people at work. I work at Trader Joes so you know there are a lot of people I have to deal with everyday, including customers. Sadly I am a mix of all those people except maybe the last one. Although I do my best to stay in the shadows at work lately. Less drama that way. I am not the kind of bosses pet that snitches though. I've learned to just not care, especially when it doesn't concern me or my paycheck.
    DayDreamer said...
    @SmileyFreak: Now that you mention it..Yes that a category that definitely needs a mention in the list..Maybe next time I would take care of it..Great That you liked the post..
    DayDreamer said...
    @MightyM: Yes you are places..all over the world are the glad you are none of them..
    DayDreamer said...
    @AmityMe: I thought you wrote my work schedule..its seem so identical to mine..
    Honestly , I think we would be " Minds His/Her Own Business" category..They are talented, people of few words, creative, just point them in the right direction and they are sure to rule.
    They can be easily motivated and can be real good friends. At times their "Minding their Own Business" attitude can be taken as arrogance by people around.. but they don't care..
    DayDreamer said...
    @angel: glad u liked the post..and its my guess that most of us start as being " The Doormats" but its better we realize it and get over it..
    DayDreamer said...
    @Sulagna: Yes you are right I might have escaped " The Cousin mother" I still fall in the "Eligible bachelor" category..

    An tips for of our blogger friends on how to deal with these species..

    My guess would be just smile and ignore..
    DayDreamer said...
    @Michelle: Well I guess I missed out an important category..that rightly suits most of us..

    "Mind His/Her Own Business" Category..

    Guess you would agree to it..

    Am glad you liked the post!!
    Amity said...

    Yeah, that's very, very true! Of course you can relate to my comment...:)

    If they are mad at us, never mind, let them egg to their hearts' content!

    We always want to work in peace!

    Sorry I have to comment back again, I was just amazed how you were able to dissect our working/professional life...:)
    DayDreamer said...
    @Amity: I guess its just that detaching myself from everything gives me the observe people..

    That is the advantage of falling under the category "Mind his/her business"

    Its fun to observe people..and I just love doing that..


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